Our History

We are a premier shipping container manufacturer specializing in both standardized and specialized containers. Explore our history.


  • 2011.05 Wing-door container patent registration

  • 2012.08 Kukdong founded

  • 2012.08 Export to UCS, Nittsu-Nippon Express

  • 2012.09 Establishment of Changnyeong plant

  • 2012.12 Sealed container patent registration

  • 2013.02 Manufacturing Process Approval by Korean Register of Shipping (K.R.)


  • 2014.04 Waterproof container patent registration

  • 2014.06 New Wing-door container patent registration

  • 2014.11 iHouse trademark registration

  • 2014.11 Cellhouse Trademark Registration

  • 2015.08 Delivery of Hyundai heavy industries PPS (Power Package System)


  • 2016.02 ISO 9001 certification acquisition

  • 2016.04 Approval of Corporate-Affiliated Research Institute

  • 2016.12 Awarded the Tower of Export Merit

  • 2017.09 Approved as a Venture Company

  • 2017.12 Designated as a Military Service Exemption Company

  • 2018 Certified as a Promising Export SME

  • 2018.09 Exported to American SEABOX, US Army Purpose Container


  • 2019 Establishment of Busan R&D Center

  • 2019 INNO-BIZ COMPANY Certification​

  • 2019.10 Manufacturing Process Approval by DEKRA

  • 2020.06 Prototype Development with General Electric

  • 2021.07 Development of Export ESS Container for LS Electric

  • 2022. 01 Development of ESS Container for LG Energy Solution​

  • 2023. 12 Development of ESS Container for Samsung SDI

Forward-thinking solutions in every design,
Excellence in qualities and efficiency, our commitment defined


Focusing On What Matters Most

Kukdong Co., Ltd. is a premier manufacturer specializing in both standardized (ISO) and specialized containers, boasting South Korea’s finest technical capabilities in 3D design, structural analysis, manufacturing, and mass production.

We maintain three domestic production plants and an R&D center in Busan, a pivotal client touchpoint.
Breaking away from the conventional notion of shipping containers, we leverage the expertise of our staff, who possess 25-35 years of experience, to expand our contribution beyond maritime and land transport into areas such as plant engineering, power generation, and precision machinery, catering to the evolving demands of our customers.

Founded on the principles of ‘3R5S’, we operate a systematic system encompassing product planning, design, production, and quality management. We are committed to meeting your needs through direct specification and technical discussions with our global clients. Committed to being a trustworthy business partner, we pledge to provide you cutting-edge container technology and safe products. We invite you to join us, Kukdong, in forging a bright future. ​